Privacy Policy

Kamei Proact Co. (our company below), to comply with the Code and other laws and regulations regarding personal information,and care is taken to ensure the protection of important personal information of our customers.
Privacy Policy
(1) Basic Policy Pertaining to the Handling of Private Information
Our company hereby sets forth the following basic policy pertaining to the handling of private information. We define the purpose of use of personal information when we collect them.
Purpose of use
・Sales activities to supply instructions or proposals concerning products or service handled by our company .
・Marketing activity including face to face service of our employee.
・Maintenance and management of agreement with our company .
・Other operations attached to insurance .
Private information shall not be used for objectives outside of the stated purposes except below.
・In case collecting personal information by changing name card or interview with our sales .
・In case of receiving name card in any event ,fair or seminar.
In such case we may use the personal information within above purpose if any refusal from person does not come out .
(2) Control of personal information
In accordance with the various terms in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Act , confirm that accompany the Personal Data Protection Law and our regulations, the handling of personal information has been paying close attention .
(3) About the collection of personal information
We collect personal information such as address , name, date of birth , gender , phone number , health status , interest and required information for our business to propose or announce our service .
(4) Use of personal information
We will not use the personal information other than above purpose ,however, if the following exceptions .
・If you have the consent of the use of personal information .
・If it is difficult to recognize the person .
・If the use of personal information is admitted under law or any guideline to use it outside of the purpose above mentioned .
・If it is considered to be needed for person or public interest .
(5) Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We can disclose or provide personal information to third parties retrieved from the customer is not available . However if the following exceptions.
・If you have the consent of the use if personal information .
・In case of discloser while keeping not to be recognized the person .
・In case that it is judged on a reasonable basis to reply from our outsourcing company who has confidentiality requirement and disclose to the company .
・If it is needed to give personal information to bank for credit card transaction when people buy our product or service .
・If you have receive the application of the law.
・If the request from justice or executive under the law.
・If the disclose or share with parent company or relatives for internal use only to perform the purpose.
(6) Private Information Inquiries
We set the section in charge to respond complaints and inquiries without delay from customers regarding to the handling of personal information. In that case we may ask the identity to protect any illegal acquisition or falsification of third parties.
(7) Opinions and Requests
We can use any opinions and requests from customers whatever we want unless otherwise agreed .However we will get approval from customer if we would use them while the person is recognized.
(8) Safety Control Measures
We shall manage and store private information under a strict control system , making every possible effort to strength the level of security .
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