Founded/Established in Los Angeles, CA in 2014, all of our MIS products are produced at a factory specialized in manufacturing military goods. All materials, fabrics, metals, webbing tapes, and zippers used in the products of MIS are certified as Mil-Spec (Military Specification) and made in USA. MIS fabrication uses the manufacturing techniques even suited for polar regions. Our products are sturdy but simple, designed for town-use. The brand name comes from “Make It Simple”.
  • MIS
  • PATRICK continues to propose a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle through their shoes.
  • “thermomug”is a popular mug in the United States that can keep your drink either hot or cold,either ai home or at the office.
  • " Born in 1961, British made traditional sports shoes brand ".
  • Founded in 1886.Pantofola d’Oro functions, Athleticism, and iconic Italian heritage to create supple, handcrafted luxury sneakers that are comfortable and functional to wear as they are stylish and beautiful to look at.
  • We at Cool Gear pride ourselves on our reputation.
  • “Butterfly Twists” is a ladies’ casual shoe brand born in UK in 2009 to fulfill women’s needs .